Friday, July 2, 2010

My 100th post.

It seemed like a milestone that was worth mentioning. Especially since when I first started it took me two years to write two posts.

Yesterday I went to what I have dubbed "My Secret Spot". It is an area of grass that is enclosed on three sides behind the only building at BYU that could be called anything akin to an Ivy-covered hall, and I decided it is the perfect place to alone (either with yourself of someone else...). I brought out a blanket and laid on my back on the grass

and looked at this:
while listening to this:

and reading this:

An interesting dichotomy right? Today was not so good. I am not going to share details since 1. this is not my journal 2. If it was my journal you wouldn't be reading it 3. It was a bad day in a dull sort of way.

For anyone else having a crumby day, I felt that this mix my friend made spoke to my soul today. But I suppose the 90s are always speaking to my soul.

As my little sisters would say:

"Peace, Love, Somebody Needs a Hug."

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Liz said...

if I had read this before opening that picture text message, it would have made a lot more sense. haha.
happy birthday eve! happy 100th post!