Saturday, July 10, 2010

July Flame

Today I finally downloaded Laura Veirs album, July Flame, which came out many many months ago.
You may recall me talking about my trip to Denver a couple months ago. I still don't have pictures-- I need to bug my friend for those.

I went mostly just to get away for the weekend since out of all the Laura's on my itunes (Laura Gibson, Laura Marling, etc.) she was probably my least favorite--I'm not a huge fan of "Galaxies". But the concert was great! Laura was pregnant and looked like she was about to pop, but she was so cute and did an amazing job. The guy who did the opening act also used to work at a crepe cart in Portland and sang a song about it. I really wanted to hunt him down and ask him which one. I especially like the first two tracks.

Now I'm off to write my talk for tomorrow on modern Africa.


Sarita said...

I hope it was the crepe cart over by Potato Champion because I like that one, and they have gluten free crepes.

KirstieBirstie said...

Oh I love that one! So delicious. I hope either that one or Snow White over by Pioneer place.