Monday, January 24, 2011

Favorite Moment of the Day--so far

I had a great conversation with My friend Liz, who is in Uganda, over Gchat. Here are some highlights:

but i blew it with him
and now I am stuck with the effeminate Asian, and the mustached creeper
Elizabeth: hahahahah
oh my gosh
oh my gosh
i want to see a movie about your life

(My live is definitely a Bridget Jones sort of affair at the moment.)


and also i think i should let you know
our bed frames smell like crap
like actual crap
Elizabeth: and it reminds me of the super junior movie

I feel obligated to tell you about the movie to which she is referring. Liz and I both enjoy the Korean boy band Super Junior {You can watch some videos here}. Well, they were in a Korean movie called "Attack on the Pin-Up Boys" that you can probably find on Youtube {ok, you can start watching here}.
It is a mystery story, about a High school where every month on the same day one of the school's "flower boys" (which means a heartthrob or pretty boy) is mysteriously attacked by getting a bag of feces thrown in his face and throughout the movie they try to discover who is behind the attacks and who will be attacked next...

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Liz said...

Hahaha this made me happy. I started laughing all over again. I think I'll have to watch that movie tonight.