Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Aid Kits

Okay, who feels like after all those fashion posts they are ready for a musical rant?

For my friends who love stars, I have two things--both side projects of Torquil Campbell. One is old, but new to me from Torque's side project with friend Chris Dumont called Memphis, their newest album is from 2006 called "A Little Place in the Wilderness" but they have a new album titled, "here comes a city" that comes out in March.

The other is NEW new, from Torque's solo project, Dead Child Stars, which just released it's new album "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" this month! It's great, and both are good options if you need more Stars in your life. You can listen or buy on the Stars website: youarestars!
Next up is the just released singles from Swedish pop duo First Aid Kit, that were produced by Jack White. I wish it were a whole album, but you can listen to "It hurts me too" and read more about them at NPR, and watch some of their older videos here. I was only going to put up the first one, but I bet you can guess why I love the second. Also, if you love Fleet Foxes you should listen to their cover of, "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song".

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Chelsey Clay said...

You know how everyone has a really cool friend that's super trendy and up to date with all the coolest music, and finds the best of every culture? Yeah, well you're mine.