Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Portland Collection

If you really think about it this post fits in perfectly with my last. Like I said, just as a season begins to wind down I become obsessed with that seasons clothes instead of thoughtfully planning for the season ahead.

Cue today.

Today I am going to talk about two things I have gushed about before, (specifically here, here, and here).but are now combining forces this upcoming fall: Church & State AND Pendleton wool! If I need to tell you I'm excited you must have just tuned in/never met me. Oh, and check the blanket holders. And excellent bags, I am in love with the top below.You can see more pictures from the look book here and here. I think the styling on all of these is gorgeous and I would expect nothing less. I better start saving for next fall!

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Chelsey Clay said...

Love her dress and her heels AND her hair. Pretty much what I'm saying is that I want to be her.