Friday, January 28, 2011

Someone (meaning you) Could Probably Come Up With a Poetic Explaination for This

(aka more of my crazy dreams)

Two nights ago I had a strange dream, and when I woke up and I thought about it I think part of it is re-occurring. I won't bother you with all the nonsensical details--but I end up in this house with someone else, and I learn it's a professor's house (I don't know who). The person I'm with decides to steal there car (I'm probably leaving a lot out here that I don't remember). And then this is the re-occurring part: we leave salt (like rock salt) on the professor's doorstep.

Then, last night....

I am at a family reunion at this old house (except there are all these random little kids I don't know running around) but I need to interview this designer (which I have been doing in real life), but she comes over to the house and she is this super old lady!

This lady is blind, or almost--so she has a seeing eye dog, except it's a lion. And it is wearing a pair of spectacles/a monocle. I am freaked out because the lion is growling at me. Oh, and the lion has been hurt somehow and so its back legs are in one of those wheely things you see on dogs sometimes.
Apparently they are called dog wheelchairs.

Anyway, the lion is freaky and this old lady just starts to chat away with my family while I a trying to figure out how she can possible be the designer I am supposed to interview! Then we get in an argument about Anna Karenina, which I just finished reading.


Sarita said...

I love the part about the lion. Joel just thinks you are disturbed.

KirstieBirstie said...

haha thanks Joel, your family would probably agree with you! But maybe I'm just more in touch with my sub-consciou!