Monday, March 28, 2011

A Case of The Mondays

Although technically this would be the Sunday night/Monday.

Last night as I lay in bed convalescing (aka watching a movie) I had my laptop charger draped over my blanket and when 20 minutes into the movie I decided I'd had enough and just wanted to sleep I unplugged the laptop and thought I had shoved the charger onto the floor. I only realized that I was mistaken when I pulled my comforter up towards my chin and said comforter launched said laptop charger up into the air like a trampoline and the charger landed squarely on my face. And when I say my face I mean my mouth, and especially my bottom lip that split like an overripe tomato. I also got blood on my favorite sweatshirt as I tried to discern whether my lip was bleeding or not.

My mom says I'm lucky I didn't break a tooth or something, but she also told me this afternoon that my nose blowing sounds like glass breaking.

1 comment:

A Mitton said...

oh goodness. So funny, and trying not to laugh out loud at work.

Sorry about your lip, though.