Friday, March 4, 2011

Love From Sweden

Today I received a package from Carina, the designer I interviewed for Colette Patterns and wrote about here. She send me a couple phiffikus to try out as well as some pieces of her gorgeous Liberty fabric that I am obsessed with and need to find a project for. She also sent me:
A skirt! I decided that I had to use this picture because it looks like I am giving the skirt a thumbs up, which I would but wasn't meaning to. Honestly, I probably would have never chosen red gingham for myself (bad experience being forced to make "picnic pants" for YW) but I love it! It is great for now with tights and will be a good spring skirt too. I think it is a testament to the skirt that I haven't take it off since I got the mail. Hopefully I will have a job someday (I could end that sentence there) and will be able to buy one of her dresses!

Also, today my interview with Kristina of Fischer clothing went up on the blog, you can read it here. I just love her new collection!


France is said...

five thumbs way up. love the colors and the skirt makes you itty bitty!

France is said...

oh and i am making my first quiche today and it reminds me of when cambria made hers and you hated the onion smell that lingered for what felt like weeks after that.

i used a lot of onions...

smell me from there

A Mitton said...

That skirt is so freaking cute. I want one.

Kirs said...

Bahaha yes I think I remember that, but it wasn't so much the quiche but the fact that she left the onions in the fridge uncovered to everything smelled and tasted like onions!!!

I wish I had 5 thumbs, thanks.

Ali, it shouldn't be that difficult of a skirt to make, I really like it so I think I may trace a pattern so you may one day get your wish!

Carina said...

Looks great!

A Mitton said...

Ooh, Kirs I would love you forever if you made me a skirt!

I already do, but I'd love you a little bit more.

KirstieBirstie said...

Thanks Carina :)

Ali, we will have to talk!