Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hot Men With Babies

Today I was listening to The Andrews Sisters radio station on Pandora (which is AWESOME btw), and a familiar male voice came on that brought me to shocking realization.

Gene Kelly, you might be my dream man.
Just look at him being so paternal. I love this photo even more because it introduced me to the website Hot Men With Babies after which this post is titled. In reality many of the men, especially some of the athletes are not really all that hot, but good news! You don't have to be a celebrity to be featured--so if you're a "hot man" I implore you to take a picture with a baby and submit it.

Also, I am on an omelet kick and am I the only one who finds cooking eggs incredibly (edibly) frustrating? Omelets can be tricky anyway so I watched a clip from the cooking channel on how to properly make them and as they described the fluffy texture the properly cooked egg is supposed to have, my heart sank because I'm pretty sure I have never properly cooked an egg in my life.

When I make eggs they always seem to turn out dry and crusty. I think that (like many other of my cooking problems) the problem may be in me trying to rush and cook them too fast.

I wish I could jet off to Paris and take a cooking class like Julia Child. Bus alas, I will have to settle for thoroughly researching egg cooking technique.

{ps. This is my 200th post}

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Cambria said...

Hot Men With Babies... great site! ha ha ha! How'd you find it?!