Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Memories & Socks

It could be something in the water, or the fab Spice Girls Pandora station Jack recommended, or this post on Miss Modish's blog, or the fact that I am back at home and went on a little jaunt through the neighborhood that brought back a million memories, but I have been thinking about some people from my past lately.Today I remembered one girl in particular, we went to church when we were young. In my memory her mother had passed away (but that could be totally wrong). I just remember her telling this story about how her mother had seen an angel--was it purely the imagination of a child or is there any truth to it I wonder.

Also, socks.

When going through my closet I found my long lost pair of Hansel from Basel socks! But alas, when I put them on I discovered that the heels are worn almost all the way through. So of course I must buy more, and thought I should introduce you to my addiction!
{These knee pad tights are one of my favorites}

Hansel from Basel is a company s based out of LA that focuses on leg wear. Their socks and tights are great quality, but can sometimes be a bit pricey but they have a great section and---the sock of the month club! Every month they feature one item at a super discounted price. February's sock of the month is still up, and so cute at $10 I am struggling to talk myself out of buying a pair!
{They say "Bon Voyage! Hansel from Basel"}

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