Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am back from California, and while it was fun I got sick--and I hate being sick!
I will maybe write about more of the things I did on my trip later when I am not sick but here is a quick rundown:

Driving>Sheep>Sunnyvale>pouring rain> family bonding>Church>Google>me almost stealing a google bike>Palo Alto>Stanford>Hearst Castle> LA> rain> Disneyland> crazy> sunburn> sickly> more rain> vintage shopping> fashion district> bacon wrapped hot dogs> near-death experience> Venice Beach> my mom gets pulled into a hobo's act>Jelly Belly factory>memories>more driving> San Francisco> more sheep>home.


France is said...

yayyyyy you're back! my email is i check it like all the timez. i miss your face im glad you are better and i hope you are nice and red from the california sun and that you kissed the sandy beaches for me. (just kidding but kind of not...) j

A Mitton said...

This sounds like a sweet trip.

Also, I have some exciting news for you.

KirstieBirstie said...

Jack- I has emailed your inbox!

Ali- How dare you leave me in suspense!!

The trip was fun, but it was only sunny for one day--the day we went to D-land so there were even more people! But I did get sunburned just on my face and then today I was all peely at church.

And I kissed them sandy beaches!