Friday, March 18, 2011


Today I keep seeing fluffy dogs and I just want to stop and cuddle all of them!

On Tuesday I found out I won Palace's March raffle! Palace is a cute little shop on Belmont and 34th that carries a lot of vintage and specialty items, and my prize for winning was a free bottle of Olo fragrance!
Olo is a small fragrance line, that is handmade in Portland, and today I went in and picked out my scent! I chose Erastus, which has a nice NW foresty smell, but all of them smelled great so it was really hard to choose! You can check them at several stores here in Portland, or you can get samples on their website.

Also, last night I was in bed reading when I thought "I wonder if I can fit my fist in my mouth?" and I tried. The Phalanges were fine, but metacarpals were a no-go. I think I might have just been overly excited because I am leaving for Disneyland tomorrow!

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