Saturday, December 11, 2010

27: Why are you doing this 30 day challenge?

Because I am bored and you are interested (words pilfered from Jack). But mostly because I am bored. I am in a new place surrounded by new people, and it has been nice some days to have these questions to think about, sometimes having questions in mind help you to notice little things around you that you wouldn't otherwise see.

Let me tell you about one of my first extensive Seattle exploration down on Fremont. It is pretty close to where I work, and I went there specifically to visit Lamb's Ear Shoes to try on some beautiful Rachel Comey shoes and am now in love with them. But let me tell you, the girl at Lamb's Ear was so nice and helpful! She was right there along side me gushing over the shoes and I could tell, she was a kindred spirit. I loved the experience so much I am tempted to buy the shoes there, even though I found them significantly reduced somewhere else (and that is a big deal for me).
Oh, and speaking of deals, after wandering around Fremont, for what seemed like forever (since I stupidly thought I would be find finding all the places I wanted to go without writing down their addresses) I found Les Amis. Les Amis, has a very Anthro-esque vibe. Just look at it:

And the clothes are just as beautiful: Rebbecca Taylor, Isabel Marant, Steven Alan, tons of cozy knits. And then I found them. Remember this post about classic dressing? Well, I found a pair of the exact same Trina Turk pants-- for 4 times the price! I'm pretty sure I did a little dance in the store.

After Les Amis I wandered around and saw a dozen places I wanted to stop and eat, before hanging with my pal, the huge Lenin Statue who was festively dressed with a Christmas banner and a blue star of David on his head. I was sad I didn't have my "Young Leninist" pin. Overall Fremont, reminded me of of some of my favorite places in Portland--urban, but not crowded.

Hopefully I will get my camera repaired over Christmas, so my future adventures will be more exciting!

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