Friday, December 3, 2010

The Knight of Wands

It seems that interactive music videos may be the new "it" tool that allows musicians to connect with their audience, and I'm not complaining. A while ago I posted the Html5 music video Arcade Fire put our for their new song "We Used to Wait", and now Au Revoire Simone has release an "interactive comic book" music video for the song "The Knight of Wands" off their newly released record. "Still Night, Still Light". Here's my first attempt:
It's really fun, especially since some of the creatures and objects come to life when you color them. My only complaint against these types of videos is that their is no pause button--so if it needs to buffer you can't stop and let it load. But otherwise I'm sold! I will probably go back and do this again after I finish this, and it left me wanting to here more of the record. Mission Accomplished.

You can watch the video at:

ps. I just have to put this one up, because I love Scala & Kolacny Brothers, so haunting.

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