Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dreams and Zombies

But not dreams of zombies. Last night, my sister and I were looking for something and stumbled across our other little sister's notebook in which she wrote this about zombies:

So I am sure you read books about vampires and werewolves but what about zombies. You probably have seen the Hollywood version, but we really aren’t that creepy. I mean, we are probably the most human like monster.

Anyway, zombies look ordinary, act ordinary, an nobody but other monsters can tell we are what we are. The only thing is we live or “eat” on human happiness.

Yeah, so I guess you could say we kill people by making them so depressed.

I will tell you this, if you know my sisters it is not the one you think. She also had an entry that talked about how everyone in our house hates her except, "My kind loving sister Kirsten." So sweet!

Then I fell asleep on the couch while watching The Bishop's Wife, and had the strangest dream. I was with one of my friends and we were maybe temporarily homeless or something, because I had a crush on this boy (I think he was a celebrity, but can't remember who) and we kept sneaking into his house so we could brush our teeth and were trying not to get caught breaking in.

Then my mom is trying to drop me off at my cousins, but I don't want to go and we end up going to the mall instead where the salespeople are being extremely aggressive with their advertising. I am getting frustrated when my mom says, "Advertising causes people to buy, just as lack of sleep causes..."

And then I wake up at 3:30 AM in the basement, fully clothed where I drifted off to sleep.

Again, our minds are fascinating things.

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