Friday, December 10, 2010

Morgan Freeman

Today's bus ride was very enjoyable, unlike yesterday's--which was in the pouring rain and my bus was 45 minutes late! The only issue was this creepy guy standing at the bus stop with me (I'm pretty sure he was peeing against the side of the building when I first walked up, but it was dark and I kept my distance). I really like the guy who drives one of the buses I ride, he's a familiar face now so that's nice, but he's also black and looks sort of like Morgan Freeman, he's even got the Morgan Freeman voice so when he says "Roosevelt and 15th" over the speakers it is so, so soothing--at least when I can hear it over my music.

I am so tired, but I guess I will probably catch up on my posts tonight!

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Liz said...

Morgan Freeman!!!! Exciting