Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For Cheltsy (because I love dedicating posts to people)

OK, this first part isn't really for you Chelsey, but I'm pretty positive you will get the part that is meant for you when it comes up.
1. See the fruits of my labor at 826 Seattle! A newspaper called "The Telescope" for the newspaper club. This is the first issue and it went to print today! I basically put the whole thing together, and it was a lot of fun! The PDF is corrupted, so I don't have close-ups yet--but here is a teaser!

2. I keep seeing advertisements for the Rat City Rollergirls, and some roller derby competition, and guess who just picked 826 Seattle to be a sponsor for said event?

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Chelsey Clay said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! I have finally had time to look at blogs and post some posts of my own, and I just read this post tonight! I LOVE it! Thanks so much for not only dedicating your post to me, but finally coming to your senses and realizing the beauty of girl roller derby, which is awesome!