Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10. Epic Snow Day Fail

Dear King County Metro,
I have two things to say. First, is that Martin Luther King Jr. on you logo? That confuses me? I know this is "King" county, but I was not aware of any ties between the two. Okay, Wikipedia just informed me that the county was originally named for one of it's founders, William R. King, but then a black democrat and white republican got together and decided it should be named after MLKj in the 80s. Interesting.

But my second issue is the more pressing matter that I have received at least 200 text messages from you today. I know it's snowing and all, but was that really necessary? Eventually I decided to turn off my phone and occupy my time with things that did not involve public transportation.

You are lucky that I have unlimited texts,


OK, that's a couple days early for my letter to someone who's hurt you recently, but really 200?

Today I am supposed to tell you about songs that I listen to when I am: sad, bored, hyped, and mad.

Four strange categories, especially hyped, but I'll do my best (these are all hyperlinked to the song).

(I don't consider the fact that i put this under bored to be a bad thing, I love this song--especially when I sing it to Bridget and we change the words so the song is about sisters.)

(Really, this is a prime example of one that needs to be more specific, because if I were sad-mad I would be listening to something folksy and completely different. I still had a hard time picking a song, but if I were a more aggressive type of mad, I would definitely be listening to something loud--oh and if I'm talking mental illness mad...the possibilities are endless.)

Also, I have hit a creative goldmine today, and am excited about all my ideas--but you'll have to wait for those!

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