Monday, November 1, 2010


Remember {this} post from back in June, about my middle school paper? And how I never uploaded the cover page--well here it is! I added it on the original post if you didn't get to read it as well. You can barely see the knees in the top corners that are being leeched--that's why there is blood dripping down the side.
This also reminded me of a book I recently purchased:
It's really cute, with watercolor pictures and descriptions of all the different rodents. I bought it from one of my favorite stores in Portland--Flutter on Mississippi ave. I think that if I was to choose a store to describe me it might be this one because it's so eclectic. But I could be biased because I was just there when their Halloween display was up so it seemed more me.
There website is appropriately called {flutterclutter} since as you can see the shop is packed with all sorts of things. I heard Flutter described as being akin to the best curated estate sale you will ever go to. There are all sort of books, candle, old fashioned games and toys, old stamps, antique furniture, and vintage clothing. There are even live birds fluttering around in cage. I could browse for hours, and it's a great place to look for gifts!

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