Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I finally completed my hat! I went through more than one craft-fail to get there, but I love it! Remember in the previous picture how it was super fuzzy? Well it was still really fuzzy after I shaped it and let it dry, but after one short haircut--Voila!
I also spent forever hand sewing the band down, as per the instructions, which makes sense since the band is mainly stockinette and curled up. But the band is also shorter than the hat, so after being frustrated that I couldn't seem to sew it on straight I finally took out the stitches and discovered there is really no need to sew down the band at all.
I used the Whiskey Felted Cap pattern from Laura Irwin's book "Boutique Knits" which I have already talked about. I copied her colors because I think they are great, but I have some great ideas on different colors and am excited to make some more now that I have the kinks worked out! I highly recommend this pattern, felting is really fun, and I know I will wear this hat a lot!


France is said...

wow, that is so pretty! i could never pull that off. also, eat something you look skinnier than you should be. i loiss you mucho. the word verification is trosirc, when dinosaurs get sick.

KirstieBirstie said...

I am pretty positive I am not skinnier than I should be--all the candycorns I ate should attest to that. I guess I am just working my angles, and you could totally pull off this hat!