Tuesday, November 30, 2010

17. Someone you would like to switch lives with for a day

This is another one of those vague questions. Does the person have to be living? Would I still have my own consciousness or would my mind be theirs too? Or is this just that I would get to live there lifestyle?

If this were lifestyle I would choose someone really rich and go shopping, if I could be inside there head I would choose someone very smart--but I would want to have my own personal consciousness.

Can you tell I'm bored of this question?

And tired.

And I have a zit on my septum, which if you didn't know is the space between tour nostrils. It's not visible, but it hurts. I just spent ten minutes trying to pop it and ease my pain, but now everyone will just wonder why my septum is so red.

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France is said...

if people ask tell them you triedf to pierce it because you are switching lives for a day.