Monday, November 22, 2010


Earlier today, I couldn't think of something I was proud of that happened in the last month--but now I have it! Remember the hat I talked about here?Behold, right out of the wash, my newly felted hat sans elf point!

Here let me give you a 360 view:
Readers please take note:

1. Okay, that was not quite 360
2. Yes, the hat is super fuzzy right now, it will be less so once it's done drying, etc.
3. Check out my brows, I haven't touched a hair on them for over a month and I love it!

Recently I have also felt like making anything and everything I talk about my raison d'etre (or for you non french speakers--my reason for being).

Making hats may just be one of my raison d'etres.

This is the Laura Irwin "Whiskey Hat" and I will post pictures when I am completely done!

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