Monday, November 29, 2010

16. Another Picture of yourself

Ok, I am not sure whether this is supposed to be a candid, of the moment sort of picture or just any picture. Since just about all the pictures I have of myself on this computer are on fecalbook, we'll go with candid. Taken only moments ago:
this is where I am now. Back from work, bobby pin in mouth, and lying in bed with my laptop. As you may or may not be able to see, there is bit of collar showing--this whole 50's prepschool boy could be my official uniform of Seattle. I am waiting to watch "The Phantom Tollbooth"--the one from the 70's. I highly recommend it! Ok, I m listening to the song about Milo, and you seriously need to watch this movie if you haven't.
Speaking of highly recommended, I recommend learning practical skills. I have been so glad that I did the editing minor and therefore learned InDesign. Because while some of the other interns are doing all the same jobs as the volunteers, I get to create chapbooks and newsletters that are going to make awesome portfolio pieces, and it's a lot of fun.

Today my bus came almost on time (only 10 minutes late!) which was awesome, and I had this song on repeat--along with some Christmas tunes of course!


A Mitton said...


We have the same bed! And I LOVE The Phantom Tollbooth, but I had no idea they made a movie. I'm just familiar with the book. I sincerely hope you've read it?

KirstieBirstie said...


Technically it is my cousins bed, but it is the one I am sleeping in for now--and that's funny! I have definitely read the book, I went through a big Phantom Tollbooth phase as a child, but the movies is pretty entertaining too! It starts out in live action and then goes to cartoon.

I just watched it on Youtube, it's pretty easy to find there! You should watch it!