Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weird Science

This is getting out of hand.

And "this" refers to two things.

1. The fact that I have about 3 posts that I have recently drafted, but failed to finish...I will finish them tomorrow...(OK, maybe tonight).

2. My insane dreams all of this week! (Somewhat disgusting picture has been removed courtesy of Jack). I have literally had a crazy dream every night this week, and while some are of a sensitive nature and cannot be shared here (ask me about them in person and I might tell you), here are some of the highlights:


I dreamt that my mother convinced me to get this piercing (but with just metal ends) in my arm

Ow. Then it was night so we went to sleep, but I woke up in the middle of the night and the piercing had come out of my arm. Then I woke up my mom and started freaking out about it.


I was at an old friend's wedding (although she's already married and was marrying her current husband) and my friends band was playing. My sister and my cousins were there. After the party we walked back to the house we were staying, but we had to walk through a cemetery to get there. We get to the old house and one of my cousins shows me this old box he picked up in the cemetery. He opens it up and shows us that there's a skull inside. We're in the bathroom and all these starfish start popping up around the sink.

Some other strange (but not scary) thinks happen and I intuitively know that bad things will continue to happen as long as the skull is there. We're on the second floor and I run to the window ledge and swan-dive out.
On my way down I realize that I'm in Denmark. I dive into a lake then climb out and walk around Denmark.


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