Monday, November 22, 2010

Two Much!

So the video to "Too Much" by Sufjan Stevens that I referenced earlier just came out. He didn't use all of the video in his live performance and I think I still prefer his live performance, but it's still cool.
But, it also reminded me of this video, which is about how most people dance: 1. Alone and 2. In their underwear, and 3. Not many people look beautiful while doing this dancing, but somehow this video is.

And since I'm on a video streak I might as well share this Decemberists video of their new single (which I lOVE). I emailed it to my Dad who then emailed Nate Query, the bass player of the band with all sorts of questions about the bass he plays, and Nate emailed him back. Those Decemberists are so polite! (ok I can't embed the vid, but here's the song!)

I think this is my favorite song of the bunch.

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