Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jack! Do not read this!

But to all my eager readers, I would like to share some Thanksgiving monstrosities that I have discovered, and may be trying sometime in the not-so-distant future.

1. What kind of cake does this look like?
My dad and I both thought this was carrot cake at first. What is it really? Two layers of turkey, with a layer of stuffing and cranberry sauce in the middle. The frosting is really mashed potatoes and the cake it topped with sweet potato and marshmallow. You can find the recipe by clicking on the link under the picture!

2. Appropriately dubbed, "The turducken of desserts". I present the "Cherpumple"

A cherry, apple, and pumpkin pie baked into a three layer cake. As you can see they also use complimentary cake flavors on each layer--pairing the pumpkin with spice cake, apple with yellow, and cherry with plain vanilla. I'm trying to convince my mom to make this one.

Neither of these options could be as bad as the Thanksgiving we had the seasonal Jones soda. Have you ever tried gravy flavored soda? It isn't good, I can tell you that!

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Hanna said...

I showed the cakes to Alyssa and Aunt Aimee and they both wanted to throw up.